The Owl Time educational owl experience - an exciting, educational and entertaining insight into the fascinating world of owls. There are thousands of these popular birds living all over the world, not just in the leafy countryside, but in towns and cities as well. But, few of us ever get a chance to see at close quarters these majestic hunting birds, until now….

Have you ever wondered.....


Discover the answer to all these questions, and more… !


It's not often that schools are offered a whole school educational experience that is exciting, entertaining and absolutely without cost to the school budget. Owl Time offer you the opportunity to invite our highly recommended, experienced and enthusiastic team to visit your school. Our display and presentation links well to national curriculum subjects, helping to make learning fun and enjoyable for any age group. We promise to give staff and pupils an unforgettable day of discovery as they find out about such things as nature, wildlife, our environment, the food chain and camouflage.